8 Steps to make your own Business Card

As a Corporate Identity, Business Card plays a central role to promote an Individual or Company Information. Smart corporations are using Business Cards in branding and advertisement. The more cool and creative the corporate business card design, the more it will attract consumer’s attention.

This tutorial shows you how to make a business card using Adobe Photoshop. After learning this you’ll be able to create/design your own business card that is very easy but professional like. I’ve used here my type of design, but you are free to choose your own design. Sounds incredible, huh? Let’s start the corporate ID tutorial.

1. Create a new document in Photoshop by clicking File > New…Set the width and height to either 85x55mm or 3.5:2inch, (or something else) and set the Resolution to 600 pixels per inch. Then press OK. Make sure the color mode is on RGB mode.

(Remember, in the US, standard business card dimensions are 2:3.5inch, while in most of Europe, business card sizes vary, but the standard is 85x55mm.With a printed business card (or anything printed), you need a much higher resolution than for on-screen images. 300+ is normal).

2. Use Paint Bucket Tool (G) to fill the white background with a light blue color. (I used 00C0FF here. It contrasts well with both black and white.)

3. Create a new layer from the layers palette. We’ll work on this new layer.

4. With your foreground color set to white, use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to create a circular area. Yes, we are going to create bubbles in the business card.

To keep a perfect circular selection Hold down Shift while selecting. Then press Alt+Backspace to fill the area with white. Repeat this process until your business card template has a fair number of white bubbles on it. You should draw a few large and some smaller circles.

5. Import your photo into Photoshop. Use the Move Tool to drag it into the window where you are working with. In the Layers palette, make sure the layer of your personal portrait is directly above the layer 1.

Go to the layer option above and click ‘Create Clipping Mask’. (A layer that’s clipping masked can’t go outside the layer below it. That is your portrait won’t extend outside the big bubble underneath it).

6. Well! Bring Transform Tool by pressing Ctrl+T to resize your picture so that it is placed right on the biggest bubble.

7. Now, create a new layer. In the Layers palette, move it down, so that it is only above the layer 0. Here again create some different sized bubbles like before and paint them white.

Reduce the Opacity of this layer to 50% from the layers palette. We are near to finish!

8. Finally take the Type Tool to type in some text, in both black and white. Try to integrate the text into the motif by having your text go inside or around the bubbles.

Voila! You have now your own business card. It’s simple but fashionable.

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Corporate Identity Design: The ‘Silver Lining’ in Corporate Culture

In the present day of Globalization and Capitalism, huge competition overshadows the Market most of the time. In order to survive in this nail-biting completion, the business industry/corporations whether it is small or large have to come in the limelight – accentuating the public in the unique way is a must! Expressing our identity in the most unique way, no doubt, has become a sine quo non for success in the corporate culture. Corporate Identity is deemed one of the most valuable assets that a company has. And nothing makes a business look more credible than professionally designed corporate identity.

Before going into the Corporate Identity Design, we should be enlightened on Corporate Identity. Corporate Identity answers the two basic questions, who you are and how you express yourself or your company objectives? In a nutshell, Corporate Identity (often seen written as CI) is the external “persona” projected by a corporation; it is the “face” that is depicted to the target people. Corporate Identity gets momentum vis-à-vis Brand Identity, Brand Promotion and Branding.

The way Corporate Identity is visibly and publicly manifested is called Corporate Identity Design. Corporate Identity Design is the process of creating a visual image (brand image/brand identity) and emblem of an organization by promoting and communicating its corporate image in the form of logo/trademark, business card, letterheads, envelope and other materials. The similar design terms of Corporate Identity Design are Corporate Visual identity, Corporate Stationary design, Brand Identity design or just Brand Image design. Uploading or devising distinct corporate identity designs facilitate the attainment of business objectives, brand promotion as well as brand recognition.

Corporate Companies of any sizes invest a great deal of energy and budget in their corporate identities, and thereby CI design since the persona of a corporation influences the way people think about the company. Here is a short profile of some Corporate Identity Designs:

Logo Design/Logos

A Logo is usually referred to a graphic symbol or emblem to aid and promote instant public recognition. A company’s logo is often synonymous with its trademark and brand or corporate identity. The most prominent identity design or stationary design for many businesses is the logo design. A good logo design alone is enough to change the clients’ mind setup overnight!   

Business Cards

Now-a-days smart corporations use Business Cards in branding and advertisement. This is one of the best known tokens of visual identity. A business card smartly accommodates all information in such a small space, using photos, best fonts, and layout ideas. The more cool and creative the corporate business card design, the more it will attract consumer’s attention.

Letterhead Design

A letterhead is also a corporate stationary, commonly used to send letters or a piece of papers with company information and contact history to clients for business purpose with the aim to branding. A professional letterhead design plays an important role in daily business communication and brand identity.

Envelope Design

Envelope with eye-catching design has the impact of direct marketing and promotional result. Herein, envelope design is very handy to impress the targeted customers.

Besides these above Corporate Identity and Stationary Items design, Company Brochures, Corporate Folders, Compliments slip, Web Template etc. also generate brand Identity and brand promotion. Graphics Design has made a stride for CI design.

Numerous Market Researches have revealed that Corporate Identity Design or Corporate Brand Identity design is the ‘magic wand’ of success story of the giant companies in the world. Adidas, IBM, Adobe, Coca Cola are some prototypes of world famous CI Designs. Simplicity is the core capital in these designs. But one thing is common in every renowned corporate design that is creativity. Corporate identity or stationary design is not necessarily static and the same always. Continuous research and thus rebranding the corporate design is also a lynchpin for further convincing success.

In a market jumbled with big and small companies competing for the consumer’s attention, corporate public image becomes more crucial than ever to the success of any business. A good Corporate Identity Design practically makes you ahead in the mad rush of corporate culture. This can help you find ‘a silver lining’ in the corporate jam!

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